What is MobyleNet ?

The recent years have seen the emergence of an increasing amount of data coming from diverse technologies, addressing various aspect of cell metabolism, pathways, regulation, molecular mechanisms, and the emergence of new in silico disciplines to organize, combine, and ultimately apply this knowledge to the design of molecular probes, therapeutic/agrochemical compounds, or molecular engines.

Platforms aimed at proposing to the community of biologists online analysis, annotation tools, as well as organizing a digest of the results must anticipate and address the issues raised by this increasing amount of diverse information. Whereas the traditional focus of these resources has been on data management, tools and ways to combine them in protocols to extract the relevant information are now becoming a major concern. Whereas a possiblity is to setup monolithic resource centers agregating all tools and data, such a strategy faces the limit that the growing diversity of the analyses and the size of data to deal with can largely exceed the skills of the staff attached to such centers.

We propose here to explore an alternate organization that promotes a network of smaller resources having specific skills, each managing tools specific of these skills, while being interoperable from the remote sites. The aims of MobyleNet are:

  • Integrate into a single web portal framework (Mobyle) the services of the different nodes.
  • Initiate a large application spectrum framework, covering complementary aspects of the bioinformatics.
  • Making the services of the different sites interoperable.
  • Build a confidence network over the specific skills of each platform, promoting quality management over the services.

Authors are grateful that suggestions are submitted to Mobyle Project.



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